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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 12, 2009 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> and nike ads, we have been watching. >> and his opponents are doing well. >> that's it for the cost of freedom, thanks for joining us. >> this is a "fox news alert." right now, thousands of americans who have had their fill of high taxes, wasteful spending and government intervention are taking to the streets of washington. it's not an organized top-down movement but is a grassroots movement of taxpayers, who are united in their frustration with the government they feel is the government they feel is simply not listening. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> welcome to america's news headquarters, live from the nation's capitol. for next two hours, i'm brian wilson, a movement borne out of frustration, people united in the common belief government spending is out of control and elected leaders are not listening. right now, tens of thousands of
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tea party protesters are in the capitol and molly henneberg is with them, tell me about the crowd and what is going on. >> reporter: these are fiscally conservative americans and anti-tax people who say it is time to stop the government from spending so much money on bailouts and marching on washington and now outside the west side of the capitol and hearing from a bunch of speakers and let me step out of the way and you can see the crowd here, they are expecting tens of thousands of people and the crowd is stressing at least, the third of the way between the capitol and the washington monument and we have video we can show you of the crowd marching down pennsylvania avenue from around the white house, down to the capitol, and they say they -- the government is spending way too much money and are for limited government and lower taxes and let me bring in deborah johns, one of the organizers of what the tea party express is what it is called, a group of people who rode a bus
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across america, and eventually -- starting in california and ending up here and for the march and what do you want to accomplish hered . >> we have come from... you know, 34 cities, 17 states, in 15 days to help restore america. to give the will of the people back to the people, and to take their message to congress, congress works for the people, the people does not work for them. . >> reporter: you were xhachanti "we own the dome" and you want to send a message to stop spending so much. >> absolutely, stop spending, stop taxing us, stop the health care bill, are bankrupting americans for generations to come. >> reporter: thank you very much, for joining us today. and, one of their... the main national sponsor is freedom works, a political group that was started and run by former house major leader dick armey.
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brian? >> molly henneberg at the capitol, tens of thousands, three or four blocks worth of people, have merged to take their story to capitol hill. now there is a footnote to the tax party coverage, we've learned the federal deficit surged into record territory in august. right now, a little over 1.3 trillion dollars. treasury department officials see a bright side in all of this, believe it or not and they say the numbers for august were slightly better than expected, still, adds to the flood of red ink, brought on by the lousy economy and the taxpayer dollars used to stabilize this banking system. treasury secretary tim geithner says once the recession is over, the administration will work to bring the deficit under control. president obama is vowing to get the right health care bill signed. soon. he's on the way to minnesota, at this hour, with -- and will host a rally on health insurance reform. addressing the nation earlier today, in the weekly address,
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president obama pledged no one in the u.s. should have to worry about having health care coverage. >> president barack obama: united states of america, no one should have to worry they'll go without health insurance. not for one year, not for one month, not for one day. and once i find my health reform plan -- sign my health reform plan into law they won't. >> president obama told "60 minutes" he has no interest in passing a bill that fails and went on to say that once a bill is passed, he will own it. that interview airs tomorrow night, on cbs. vice president joe biden is joining thousands of mourners at a firefighters memorial at dodgers stadium today, the ceremony will honor two veteran firefighters who died last month, while battling the largest wildfires in los angeles county history. the men died searching for an escape route for a group of inmate firefighters trapped by the blaze. there is more fallout surrounding the story we have been telling you about, concerning a corn and the census
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bureau, officials told acorn it cannot dependent on the frup to help in the 2010 census, comes as controversial video given to fox surfaced, that seemed to show acorn workers offering advice how to circumvent the law and caroline shivley joins with details. >> reporter: the census bureau has had enough from them, and they severed their ties with the controversial community organization and here's part of the letter from census director, robert grove, quoted, it is clear acorn's affiliation with the 2010 census promotion caused sufficient concern in the general public, and has become a dis track from our mission and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 census efforts and republicans worried they would tamper with the census count, especially after the video came to light of a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute at the baltimore office and on the tape you hear an employee tell the alleged
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hooker to lie to the irs and say her job was a performance artist and a woman with acorn gave him guidance how to claim under age girls from el salvador as dependents when they were work as prostitutes and the starve is heard on the tape saying, with your girls, tell them be careful and train them to keep their mouth shut an acorn fired the two employees on the tape and some are calling for the inspector general of hud to investigate. >> these people have a pattern and practice of defrauding the taxpayers, and understand, this is the acorn low income housing office. they are helping these people get housing that we taxpayers pay for. to run a brothel. that is what they were getting. >> reporter: up until now the bureau defended acorn even after voter registration effort in 2008 when some employees submitted false voter forms with names like mickey mouse and tony rome me. brian, back to you. >> thank you and here at fox we want to hear from you.
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you might want to go to to weigh in. should the justice department investigate acorn? so far, over 140,000 of you, 140,000 of you, have weighed in. with an overwhelming 99% of you voting acorn should be investigated and if they investigate people who work at the cia... why not investigate acorn i suppose. two words created a firestorm and lots of attention for a south carolina republican. congressman joe wilson apologized to president obama, shortly after he yelled out "you lie" during the president's speech wednesday, next week, democratic leaders will move to reprimand wilson if he does not apologize. on the floor of the house. wilson's response, in a fund-raising video he said he will not in muzzled. and wilson raised more than 700,000 dollar since the outburst and meanwhile, his democratic opponent is getting an even bigger fund-raising boost, in the 48 hours following wilson's outburst, rob miller's
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campaign claimed he received more than a million dollars in contributions and by the way, here's a programming note, joe wilson will sit down with chris wallace tomorrow for an exclusive interview, tune in for fox news sunday tomorrow morning, check your local listings for the time and channel, fox news sunday. by the way, in order to give you some sense of how the crowd is up there, at the -- across the way at the capitol, here's a shot from atop our satellite truck. that gives you a look at the movement of the crowds and how far back they go and the estimates are hard to get in washington, these days, but we believe easily, safely say, tens of thousands of people are on the mall near the capitol, today. a 33-year-old suspect is in custody following the murders of two people in michigan, police say harlan james drake carried grudges against several people in town, and went on a shooting spree killing a 63-year-old anti-abortion activist, who was staging a protest across the
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street from a high school and police say he then drove over to a gravel pit and shot and killed its owner, apparently, though, for different reasons. 1 she's supposed to get married tomorrow but a yale university graduate student is still missing, annie lee disappeared tuesday from her lab, a case of a run away bride or is it a case of a runaway bride or something worse? david lee miller has been following the story and has the latest. hello, david. >> reporter: hi, brian. you know, no matter what the cause here, it appears 24-year-old student annie lee bennett disappeared without leaving behind a clue and 100 law enforcement personnel from local, state and federal agencies have been searching around the clock for her and investigators examined frame by frame security camera video located in and around the building, where she was last seen and while they did find video showing lee entering a yale medical student lab on tuesday, investigators have not
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been able to find any recording of her leaving that same building. and in order to rule out any chance that she might be somewhere in the tom plex investigators have ordered a blueprint and used bloodhounds in their search and what authorities have found in lee's office, is her purse, cell phone, credit card and money. authorities have questioned a yale professor, who at the last minute cancelled class, about the same timely went missing. but they said nothing more about what just might be nothing more than a coincidence. and in the wake of her disappearance, lee's planned wedding tomorrow on new york's long island has been cancelled. authorities say her fiancee, a columbia university student has been cooperating with investigators, and has not -- is not considered a suspect, and lee recently wrote on her facebook page she was lucky to be in love with, quote her best friend and ironically she wrote an article fire local magazine, on crime, and safety at yale university. even interviewing the school's police chief, who is now among
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those searching so desperately to find her. in that article, she wret and i quote, new haven is a city and all cities have their perils but with a little street smarts one can avoid becoming another statistic and yale posted a reward for information leading to lee's whereabouts, call the fbi tip line with information, 1-877-503-1950. authorities have said they have found nothing so far to suspect foul play. brian? >> all right, david lee miller, thank you very much. more trouble for the banking industry today. bank regulators have closed two more banks, one in chicago and another in minnesota bringing the total number of failed banks to year to 91 and the banking sector is not anticipating relief, more will be closing because of bad loans from commercial real estate and there is this: banks across the country are quietly renegotiating the terms of their borrowers' credit
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agreements and in some cases cutting the losses and freeing consumers from the burden of debt. is it a wise idea for the average credit card holder, matt mccall from penn financial is here to break the down. matt is it true they are actually walking away from some of the debt, saying, let's cut or losses and move on? >> yeah, they are, a couple of reasons, one you would rather get something rather than nothing and if they get a little out the borrowers it is great and if you continue to let them borrow and borrow, it is money the credit card companies will never get and it adds to the liability and they have to walk away and take the loss and move on to people who will pay their debt. >> is it something the average person who finds themselves in credit card trouble should try and seek out? what they're down sides to this for people with credit card trouble? >> you have to be very careful. i mean, if you actually talk to your credit card company, and get them to lower your monthly payments, or lower your monthly interest rates, or even knock
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down some of your debt, that is okay. however, if you go into a loan modification program, either through your credit card company, or through an outside independent service, oftentimes that is when it is reflect on your credit report and the next 7 yards you try to get a loan or credit card, you cannot get one and if you plan on buying a house in 7 years you may not be able to buy a home and you have to be careful and take it on a case by case basis and in my mind, if you can knock down interest rates, that is exactly what you like to do, brian and consider, if you have 10,000 ends credit card debt and if you are paying 20%, and that is 165 aids month and knock it down to 5%, it is just over $40 a month and you can knock away the principal and not just pay interest and it is important not to get into the loan modification program where it affects your credit report. >> all right, thank you very much, good advice, people pay attention, there may be help out there but there is a downside, it goes on your credit report. thank you very much, matt. the crew of the discovery is
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getting a welcome home in houston after they will be reunited with their families and nasa colleagues after a two week mission to the international space station and discovery touched down in california last night. this is a "fox news alert." information just now coming into us a cornell student has died, from the h1n1 virus, 20-year-old warren shore died yesterday we are now told from complications relating to the virus. as you know, this has been something health officials have been very concerned about, and very worried about. monitoring what happens on campuses, where there are so many young people and h1n1 at least this round of it seems to be a virus that goes after young people, with sort of a vengeance, and we'll continue to follow that story, and have more information, as it backups available. up next, we're going back to the anti-tax tea party, as the march to the capitol continues. senator jim demint will join us. stay with us, everyone, you are
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>> looking live at the mall right now, where tens of thousands of tea party protesters have gathered, they are upset with the way they say their government is operating these days and don't feel like the government is listening to them and are upset about taxes, and upset about health care reform and the whole nine yards, and, by the tens of thousands there on the mall today, in among them is one of the more contestant members of the senate, jim demint of south carolina joins us now to talk about what he sees in all of this and the crowd behind you, senator, how would you describe it and what motivates them in your mind, to be there? >> well, i think first of all, there are probably hundreds of thousands behind me and not tens of thousands. and these are moms and dads with their children and grandmas and grandpas and average americans who have come here, to tell their government that they want
12:20 pm
their country back. these people are informed, and they are outraged about the spending, the debt, the government takeovers, the taxes, and it's not just the last six months, it is the last ten years, and i tell you, i've never been more proud to be an american. >> let me ask you this, are they concerned about the health care debate? is that one of the things that is motivating a lot of people to be there. >> i think the health care debate has brought everything to a head. because, now, the government wants to take over even more of our economy, even more of our lives, and, i think that is the straw that broke the camel's back. that is what got people here. but, they are angry about a lot more than just health care. >> do you think a lot of people in washington right now, don't quite get what this is all about. >> well, i am more comfortable with these people than i am at the -- ones in front of me and congress. i hope members of congress will listen. i hope the president will
12:21 pm
listen. these people are tired of being lectured to. they want to be listened to. hopefully, congress and the president will get the message today. >> let me ask you a question about health care. if it gets to the floor of the senate, do you intend to filibuster? >> we have a long away from that, i would like to see the legislation, and get a chance to read the bill. the president talked about his plan, but there is no plan we know of. he needs to send us the specifics. >> all right, senator jim demint one of the more conservative members of the united states senate, a person down on the mall today with the tea party protesters, thank you, senator, good to see you. in other news, since the release of the lockerbie bomber the british government has denied that there was any quid pro quo with libya but another disturbing connection now emerging between the two nations. that story, when we come back.
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>> the bottom of the hour, and here's the stories we're following on america's news headquarters. the census bureau giving acorn the boot update the community organizing group, slated to gather low level data for the 2010 census and the director says he has no confidence in the group and they are accused of submitting false registration
12:26 pm
forms with names like mickey mouse and pressured groves to investigate accusations of voter registration fraud and yale university announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the location of a mission student, annie lee and she disappeared earlier this week and was supposed to be married this weekend and her roommate reported her missing on tuesday and authorities have questioned the yale professor and possible connections with lee's disappearance. more embarrassing revelations for the british government regarding the ties to libya. a british newspaper "the daily telegraph" is reporting that britain's most elite soldiers have been giving counterterrorism training to libyan infantry for the past six months and earlier this week the sunday times reported the british government considered an oil deal in the release of the lockerbie bomber and justice secretary jack straw, notes, an overwhelming interest of the united kingdom, and as we told you moments ago, fox news has learned that a cornell student has died from the h1n1 virus,
12:27 pm
21-year-old -- 20-year-old warren score died from complications relating to the virus, happened yesterday, and he was a student in the college of agriculture and life sciences, not clear if he had underlying medical conditions and university officials are urging all members of the community to be on alert, about the risks related to underlying health conditions and severe flu-like symptoms. back down to the tea party, republican representative mike pence is among the thousands of conservatives voicing their frustration with out of control government spending and a host of other things and congressman, says he thinks the way to make health care more affordable is through a competitive, open and transparent health care system. and he spoke at the rally earlier and joins me now, congressman, good to have you, let me ask you the question i asked of jim demint a moment ago, as you look at the thousands of people that stand behind you, what is it that you draw from that gathering? what is the message that america should take away from what they
12:28 pm
see there? >> well, i think washington, d.c. needs to take the message that enough is enough. the american people know we can't borrow and spend and bail our way back to a growing economy. we can't grow a government takeover at every failing -- of every failing industry and as we face this challenges, the 21st century, for energy independence, for health care reform, we don't want a government takeover or higher taxes, as the answer there, either. this is really an inspiring experience for me and my family. as we walk out of the capital moments ago to see what awe'res for our ice to be hundreds of thousands of americans gathered here, from all over the country, and i think the message is, enough is enough, and let's gate back to fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and limited government. >> many of the people that stand behind you are concerned about the issue of health care, and the obama effort to try to reform health care in the
12:29 pm
country. you are a person who has great concerns about that as well. >> you bet. look, we have got to accomplish health care reform, it lowers the cost of health insurance and the cost of health care in the long term, but the answer, i think, it is evident in the tens of thousands gathered here is that the american people know that freedom is the answer, competition is the answer, not a government-run insurance plan. that will set us on a pathway toward a government takeover of health care and all that comes with that in the form of ration racking and bureaucracy and higher taxes. but, make no mistake about it, brian, i think what turned out, is an unexpected crowd, here at the march on washington. is more than just frustration with the government takeover of health care. i think is frankly is frustration with the last several years, where republican administrations and democrat administrations have been borrowing and spending and
12:30 pm
bailing this country into a mountain range of debt. and these people have about had it. >> what do you think is going to ultimately happen as a result of these protests? is washington getting the message? are they paying attention? are they just sort of discounting this in some quarters as a small group of very motivated people who have a bug with the government right now. >> look, washington always gets the message eventually, brian. whether they get that before the next election, or after it, we'll see. but, you know, we hold elections here every couple of years, and, you know, the tens of thousands of americans that filled town hall meetings across the country, thousands that came to town hall meetings in my district and how the hundreds of thousands that are gathered here, are making their importance and their voices felt. and i expect washington will get the message. when they get the message, is really going to be up to them. >> and i want to make a point. do you sense that what we are
12:31 pm
seeing now and the crowds that are gathered behind you and this movement that seems to be emerging all over the country, will show up in the midterm elections? with more republicans being elected, is that what you are suggesting? >> well, let me say, you know, i don't want to look at elections. i want to look at us doing what is right for the country. and the -- to be truthful about it, as you know, brian, i was fighting against run away federal spending when the republicans were in control. earlier this year, when they passed the so-called stimulus bill, nearly a trillion dollars in borrowed moneys i had hundreds of people at town hall meetings in february. i mean, look there is enough blame to go around here and the american people want washington, d.c. to start to live within our means and start to practice the limited government principles of the constitution. i think washington has a chance to straighten its act out but if they don't by the 2010 elections i think there will be a lot of consequences, come election day. >> all right, congressman mike
12:32 pm
pence, always good to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, brian. >> you have seen the protests there on the mall, you have seen the footage from feisty town hall debates being held around the country, and similar outspoken behaviors making its way into mainstream america and to washington. as evidenced by congressman joe wilson's outburst earlier this week during the president's speech. so, is town hall rhetoric the new norm? joining us to discuss this, republican strategist, angela mcgowan and democratic strategist sarah buck, good have you here. thanks for joining us hear on america's news headquarter. let me see if i can start with you, ms. buck, what we are seeing across the way at the capitol, what do you read into all of that. >> there are so many people that want to read much more into it, to look at the popularity of the obama administration, and whether or not this is going to impact his overall favorability but i think that there is a narrow group of people, that are... that never voted for
12:33 pm
obama and never intended to vote for him and won't in the future that are voicing their concerns an angela and i both know after working on capitol hill many years protesting is a part of the norm and it is, you know, every day... >> you think this is something different, may i ask. >> no, i don't think this is something different, it always depends on what party is in power and when you have the bush administration in power and you had code pink and here protesting the iraq war and protesting the war are in afghanistan and now, you have the tea party protesters, and they are, you know... >> let me tell you, i have held -- held several town hall meetings in mississippi on health care, because, our congressman has not posted any strategies, except for a digital divide issue in mississippi where people -- having said that, it is making a difference, it is not like some of the regular protests we see, the coalitions coming to capitol hill and you do have some people
12:34 pm
that did vote for obama that are actually out there, protesting, i voted for you, for change, but i'm not seeing change. and i actually spoke at the tea party, a few minutes ago and thousands of people were out there, brian and this is not a black issue, a white issue, it's not democrat, not republican, and bush passed the first stimulus package and people are tired of being tacked and people are tired of losing their jobs. >> for those people that supported obama and what we are hearing more now than ever, is that we voted for the change and want to see the health care legislation get enacted and want to see the economy turns around and want to see people working those that want to work, want to see them employed. so, i mean, yeah, there is some frustration but it's the different type of frustration from those who supported obama versus those who are now... >> get the last word in here. >> you don't have members of congress that are out there holding these town hall meetings, you have a lot of
12:35 pm
people that have a misunderstanding of what is going on, and yes, they want change, but, obama's democrat party needs to get out there and talk about the change, and they want -- they want to make, there so is much out there people don't snud we have to leave it there, good debate, good discussion, good to have you both here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i want to remind, tune in tomorrow to fox news sunday. for an exclusive chris wallace interview, he'll sit down with representative joe wilson the man we have been talk about so much this week, fired up about health care, and stood and called the president, he said "you lie" to the president during his speech and he's being told to apologize to congress for his outburst during the president's address this week, and it should be a very interesting interview, chris wallace, "fox news sunday" as always, check your local listings for the time, and channel. you will not believe this: brutal after-school fights are not the -- to settle a squabble, an attempt to gain a moment of youtube fame and happening all over the country and i'm back from tennessee, 31 area teens
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>> ♪ ♪ power to the people. ♪ ♪ power to the people... >> the anti-tax tea party march on washington in mid swing, and a lot of people there, and the chance, enough -- chants, enough, enough and we
12:40 pm
the people can be heard among the line of protesters which stretches for blocks, that crowd estimates are hard to get into and some people say ten of thousands and some people, hundreds of thousands and we'll wait and see what the estimate is and among the people, talking to the people is holly henneberg who jumped off the stand and to the mosh pit! go ahead, molly. >> reporter: something like that, hi, brian, yes. a couple thousand people -- the problem, they are crammed in because they don't have a permit here, to be on the mall and the green area between the capitol and the washington monument and another crowd had the permit for that area and they are crammed up here and i'll ask my photographer to pan over and show the crowd, show the crowd a little bit and people who are gathered here and fiscally conservative americans, who are here for the taxpayer march on d.c., this day after 9/11 and they say they wanted to deliver a message in person, and to the
12:41 pm
capitol, enough is enough, and they want limited government, and lower taxes, and let's talk to some of the people here, and they are singing -- patriotic songs, and why are you here. >> we want obama to know we are not going to let him ram socialism down our throats. we are here for freedom, we all -- own this country. >> reporter: a sampling of what you will get here, brian and president obama is not here as you know, not in town this weekend, he's in minnesota and they were trying to make a little noise so they -- president could hear him, and then... and, we got a lot of enthusiastic crowd here today and we'll talk to him throughout the afternoon. >> all right, molly henneberg, out there with the throng on the mall, just on the west side of the capitol today. thank you very much, molly. you mentioned the president, at the same time the tea party is going on in washington, and the president is in minneapolis, at least headed there. and he'll host his own rally on health care reform. white house correspondent mikee
12:42 pm
man womell is standing by and wt is he doing in minnesota on a saturday? what is the point he wants to make. >> reporter: he has a new message and that this is anyone insured may be you or somebody in your family, let's take a listen: >> president barack obama: if you are under the age of 21 today, chances are more than half that you will find yourself uninsured at some point in that time. and more than 1/3 of americans will go without coverage for longer than one year. >> now a rare saturday rally for president obama taking his message out on the road to minnesota. a swing state. also mentioned governor tim pawlenty from minnesota may be a rival in 2012 and so, coming to an important state politically for president obama, with the new message, that you could lose your insurance sometime in the next ten-year, brian. >> mike, as i recall, you are standing right where the g.o.p. held its convention in 2008. what are the crowd expectations
12:43 pm
and how hard was it to get in? >> reporter: that is a great question and we can tell you a lot of the people here say they have been waiting in line for a few hours. and anxious to hear the president's message and a lot of supporters in the crowd and at this point it is half full of the target center and seems people are still streaming in and you can get a sense of the people on the floor behind me, a lot of people excited to hear the president's message and some people are not completely sold but want to hear him live in person, and peel see if it fills -- we'll see if it fills up by the time he gets here. >> thank you very much, mike. more news coming into us at fox, a "fox news alert," north korea, north korea is preparing for, we are told, a third nuclear test. russian news reports say north korean leader kim jong-il gave instructions to prepare for carrying out the next test of a nuclear weapon. he, a apparently gave the order
12:44 pm
during his last meeting with party and military leaders, in august. this just now crossing the wires. taking care of the men and women who fight for our freedom, up next how some vets are teaming up with business executives, to readjust to live. back here at home, back with me in a moment, stay with us, everyone. lp
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>> ♪ ♪ born in the u.s.a. ♪ born in the u.s.a. ♪ i was born in the u.s.a... >> live pictures of the national mau in washington, tens of thousands and maybe a hundred thousand, hard to know now of anti-tax protesters are rallying today, and we have seen pictures of people all over town,
12:48 pm
frustrated with the government and saying this government is not listening and spending too much money and concerned about health care reform and too many taxes and growing deficit definitely a nerve has been struck, and people on their saturday afternoon, coming from across the country to be here on the lawn of the capitol and express themselves and we'll continue to follow it throughout our remainder and glenn beck takes over with more in a short while. while we talk about taxes and big government here in washington our troops are fighting a war in afghanistan, that gets more and more complicated by the day. colonel oliver north, with special-ops forces, there is a satellite delay, tell us what is going on. >> i tell you, we just got back to kabul after spending several days with a virtually unreported unit in the global war on
12:49 pm
terror. the dea, advisory and support team, euphemism, initials "fast" and was brought to rapidly exploit the hard intelligence they get with direct action and that is just exactly what they have been doing and last night, we went on a raid with fast team alpha, and a unit of special operators and afghan commandos, on what they call a captured kill mission to take down a kingpin in the taliban's opium support network. under the cover of darkness we loaded up on mi-17 helicopters and flew at low levels to the objective area and landed at first lighted where the element of surprise was complete. the fast team and u.s. special-ops per deployed around the compound and the commandos conduct aid med toed call search of every structure and detained millary age male and the only gunfire from a counter sniper team more than effective and the opium, heroin and precursor
12:50 pm
chemicals and materiel for making ieds were found during the raid and burned and blown up, before we left, under the cover of the uh-1 gunship and what is important about these targeted operations, aimed at cutting the link between the taliban and the opium trade, is that the force multiplier, in the counterinsurgency campaign, i was just, i would say i expect to see many, many more of them, in the days ahead. >> oliver north, reporting from kabul, quite amazing story and great pictures, thank you very much, oliver north on the job for us. a group of tennessee teens accused of participating in an organized fighting ring taping the after school fights and posting them on youtube and 31 students are finding there is nowhere to hide from the law. i never thought it could happen to me...
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>> the men and women depend developing our freedom in uniform, return to civilian life can be difficult and why veterans across america is launching a new program to pair up returning vets with business executives to help them reenter the workforce, lieutenant general ricardo sanchez and mike mike heart, from the champion mentor program joins us to talk about that and may i start with you, general, what is the goal here and how is it going so far? >> well, brian, the objective for veterans across america is to put the human touch back into the employment equation for returning veterans, and, also, to put the mentorship component they are so familiar with, that will allow them to be able to maneuver all of the challenges they face when they try to in gait themselves back in to the
12:55 pm
economic environment, within this country. >> captain i would imagine that it is sort of difficult to come back, after you have been over there, and sort of reacclimate yourself to the business environment. >> it is very difficult. that is where the veterans across america and the champion mentors program steps in and really fills that gap between coming back from iraq or afghanistan, and then reentering the business world. >> and so what kind of advice do you gentleman give these returning vets? >> well, actually, what is happening, prepare, is that we are pairing up successful entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, some of the manage corporations in america, have committed to helping the veterans and they they're ones that will help them maneuver the challenges and this will be good for the veteran, to give him economic hope and will be good for the business itself, if they manage to find them a job, and, clearly, it will be great tor
12:56 pm
america, during the economically challenging time. >> all right, gentlemen, listen, thank you so much for joining us, we are of course here at fox news, a big supporter of the kind of work that you do. and we appreciate you joining us here in our program today. all right, i group of tennessee teens accused of organizing a fight ring, taping their after school fights and posting them on youtube, now, 31 students are finding there is nowhere to hide. from the law. meet me after school fights are nothing new, and there is a trend emerging across the country. middle school and high school kids are fighting. and the brutal beat downs often captured on cell phone cameras and posted on the internet and you are watching a fight to the finish, and it will not end until one of the fighters is seriously injured or knocked unconscious and in the case, both of those things happened. this is the park in collierville, tennessee where
12:57 pm
the fight took place and a nice, up scale bedroom community outside of memphis and some parents here were surprised to learn their teens were involved in an underground fight club like the one in the movie. >> first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. >> reporter: but that he fights were something participant bragged about. >> videotaping them and posting them on youtube and apparently, there was some level of competition to see how many hits or who could get the most hits on the youtube site. >> and one collierville student says there may be more to it. >> everybody was talking about it, getting money and everything like that. >> reporter: there was money involved. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: and also, bragging rights when it was on youtube. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: one 15 yearly is suspended and faces aggravated assault charges because police say he broke his opponent's jaw in a fight. and his grandmother, the teen's legal guardian says her grandson didn't start the fight but did finish it. >> my grandson... yes, sir.
12:58 pm
>> he was defending himself. >> defending himself. >> he didn't start the fight. >> to my knowledge, no, sir. >> he was not active in the fight club. >> no, sir, he was not. >> because there was a police investigation, the collierville fights are removed from youtube and with a few taps of the keyboard you can find hundreds of violent after-school beat downs posted from communities across the country and what is driving teens to do this? >> i think we have created a culture in which we have essentially encouraged these kinds of behaviors, because people will do anything to get attention, because attention is the metric by which they value themselves. >> here's something else to consider. we are told this 28 teens from collierville have been summoned to juvenile court and three teens were 18 years old and they have been charged as adults in the particular case, and you think it couldn't happen at a
12:59 pm
high school near you? if you are a parent i challenge you to go on to youtube and see what you find. part of our nowhere to hide series, good to be in memphis this week. that's all for me, i want to remind you, glenn beck is standing by in new york with live coverage of today's tea party on the mall and let's go back down there and look at the pictures, we have, as we run up to the 1:00 coverage with glenn beck, in about 55 seconds from now. and tens of thousands, maybe hundred thousand or more protesters gathered on the national mall. near the capitol, carrying signs and people worried about high taxes, deficit spending, health care reform, taking their message to capitol hill and want to see changes and feel people in washington are not listening to them, a very active movement, as you listen to the conservative legislators this were there today, they believe,
1:00 pm
perhaps there will be a change in washington in the coming years, "fox news sunday" tomorrow morning, glenn beck is up next, i'm brian wilson in washington, have yourself a washington, have yourself a great week. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> welcome to a special saturday edition of the glenn beck programming. this is the 9/12 project where people across the country are gathering right now, for what they believe in. most of yall, standing up for or country and the next two hours we'll try and answer the question, who are these people gathering around the country, and, are they anti-obama, anti-democrat, or are they anti-big government? the third one is what is coming next? i'll hit that for you, next hour, if you believe the country is great, we just have to remember, who we were on 9/12 and unite on values and principles, come on!
1:01 pm
stand up. and follow me. well, hello, america i have to tell you, i'm not in a very good mood today i would much rather be -- show the pictures of washington, i would much rather be in washington, d.c., today. where thousands and thousands of people, the official estimate is 60,000 people, i used to live in washington, d.c., and can you bring the whole green -- screen shot of the top screen behind me, please? yeah. that is from the steps of the capitol. i lived in washington and it looks more than 60,000 but we'll go with the official numbers, i'm not in a good mood. i would rather be there. quite honestly, and standing in the crowd with people. and the other thing is i spend it about an hour in traffic, this is how out of control our government is. here in new york, they had a labor day parade. today.
1:02 pm
a week after labor day. nobody stood and watched it. it was labor unions, just walking down the street, closed the traffic here in new york, it was i felt festive and now, we go to washington, d.c. and the people are calling this an anti-tax tea party. maybe it is. personally i think this is a collection of people who have never probably marched before, never pro tested for or against anything before and this is a collection of americans who want both parties to stop with the corruption and stop with the spending and start listening to the people. griff jenkins is there in washington, d.c. hey, griff? >> i started in sacramento and came all the way to washington, d.c.! and we have a message -- you folks have a message for glenn beck? [cheers and applause]. >> what is your name, sir, why did you come! >> glenn, it is unbelievable, thousands and thousands of
1:03 pm
people, look at this crowd, right there, you guys got something to say to glenn beck? [cheers and applause]. >> glenn, it is one mile from the capitol back to the monument and that sea of people, goes all the way, one mile of people. [cheers and applause]. >> and what i would call, after witnesses them, all across the country, the america that washington forgot. today, they are in washington, to send them a message, do you want washington to listen? [cheers and applause]. >> i believe they have a few questions for you, too, a lot of salutes. >> thank you very much, chris. >> what is the general feel of -- i heard a lot of people saying, astroturf, et cetera, et cetera, who are these people?
1:04 pm
>> glenn, they are old, young, black, white, male, female, farmers, miners, doctors, moms, nurses, and they are for the most parted coming out for the first time in their lives to have their voices heard. and this is as best i can describe it, a -- an absolute grassroots movement, and this is an up rising, we are at the beginning of a political movement and it is huge. >> griff, may i -- wow. let me ask you this. is this -- i see anti-obama signs behind you. is this an anti-obama or an anti-democrat or is this an anti-big government? >> well, it is anti-government, but -- what is your name, sir. is this an anti-obama or is this anti-government? what is this. >> this is anti-spending, we are
1:05 pm
spending like crazy and we have to stop. >> anti-spending, hold on, second, ma'am, is it anti-obama, anti-government, anti-joe wilson. >> we are actually saying pro government and pro in the right way where the people rule. >> is that right. >> that's right. >> what about you, sir. >> why are you out here, is it about president obama or something bigger. >> about freedom and freedom for me and for my son. about doing the right thing, and the government is not doing the right thing. >> is that your marine corps hat. >> yes, sir into thank you for your service. there you go, glenn, and get a feel for what is going on and i'm sorry. i'm working around the thing, and the sentiment i heard, is the same that in every stop we were on, like 33-plus stops, it is at best, i can tell, they are a part of america, rising up, to reclaim itself as they say from the government run amock and overreaching federal government. >> griff, thank you very much. if you are joining us anywhere
1:06 pm
in the country, we are going to be stopping in several different saeshtings not just happening here in washington, d.c. i'm in new york, but also happening in other cities all across the country. and we will stop in some of those cities, also, if you are just sitting at home, call a friend, tell them about this. if you are a member of the 9/12 project. call your friends. get on twitter. get on facebook and tell them, in just about 54 mind, iutes i' lay out something else that dawned on me after reading thomas jefferson this week. i think i have -- i think i have a solution for republicans and democrats and independents where we go from here. but, before we go to the future, let's look in the past. how did we get here? let's look back. >> 19 men lay awake all night.
1:07 pm
on september 10th, americans were playing politics and had chose tone bury their heads in the sand and ignore the coming threat. >> i remember how picture-perfect the day was. there wasn't a cloud in the sky and america seemed invincible. and yet, in the blink of an eye... >> that plane appeared to hit a little bit down the building, around the 50th or 60th floor and struck flush... >> and the skies filled with black clouds, and our hearts were full of terror and fear. >> absolute disaster. >> we realized for the first time how fragile we really were. then... something happened. >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> we came together. we promised ourselves, that we would never forget.
1:08 pm
>> u.s.a.! >> on september 12th and for a short time after that, we promised ourselves we'd focus on the things that were important, our families. our friends, the eternal principles that allowed america to become the world's beacon of freedom. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you. and the people... [cheers and applause]. >> and the people who -- will hear all of us soon! >> once again, america has a choice. we can choose to be the americans of september 10th with our heads buried in the sand, we can be the americans of september 11th, unprepared and paralyzed by fear, despair or anger, or we can choose to renew the promise that we all made to ourselves, will you commit yourself to really live america's time tested values and principles? will you with fierce
1:09 pm
determination, and malice toward none, be a watchman at the gate to alert those still asleep to rise up, to be america's next greatest generation? you know, many in washington left and right want to convince you they are the solution. i happen to believe that them being the solution is the problem. the system has been perverted and has to be restored. those who screwed up, must be allowed to fail. those who broke the law, must go to jail. and those who have played by the rules, need to be left alone to rebuild our nation. the answer, has never come from washington. we weren't told how to behave that day after 9/11. we just knew. it was right. it was the opposite of what we feel today. >> i'm back stage now, at fox
1:10 pm
getting ready to show you that you are not alone. this is your country, you are still in control but it seems today like nobody gets it. let me tell you something. you are going to meet people from all across the country now from people all across the political spectrum, come on, follow me. no matter where you are, from our studio audience, here in midtown manhattan, the sidewalks outside. to the people all over the country. a few blocks away in times square. we're there are people of -- holding regular, regular viewing parties, and started with people in -- by regular people like you, joyce in melbourne, florida, whose party grew so large that she moved it from her restaurant, to the parking lot outside. and to the gatherings in noahs in south jordan utah and golden valley arizona and brewer maine and the garage bar in columbus, ohio and virtually every small town and big city in between in
1:11 pm
the great nation people are gathering in ranches in texas and familiar faces have gathered to watch the show, a few weeks ago, i asked you to send in your picture, if you believed in the principle, well, i have to tell you this response is overwhelming, that you shut your servers down at fox news, shut the serves down, five times. the results of the e-mail is this: a mosaic and includes only 10% of all of the pictures we have received. the mosaic proves that while a single photo is just a face, just a photo, thousands of them grouped together in the right way, can create something much more powerful. >> you have to realize that you are not alone. you have to realize that there are more of us, more of us that believe in the wonders of america and believe in the individual. because we know who we are. we are men and women of the united states of america. no matter where we have come from before, no matter what the color of our skin is, no matter
1:12 pm
if we are rich or if we are poor, we are americans. >> i'd like to ask you to join me, again, on saturday, 9/12. saturday, september 1/2. i'll share with you what i have been working on, to put the principles and the values to work in my own life. and you show me what you have done, we'll meet back here in six months.
1:13 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:14 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:15 pm
♪ ♪ >> what started six months ago on march 13th, the 9/12 project, people gathered, you know you are not ash lobe and i told you on march 13th, we'll meet back here, in six months, and i'll show you what i have been working on. and you show me. well, it is that day. the top of next hour, in just about 45 minutes, i will show you what i am -- what i'm working on and where we are are
1:16 pm
going next, if you will join me and i want to show you also, what you have been working on, this is just a fracture, there are people meeting all across the country. this is just in washington, d.c. on the lawn, right there. the front of the capital, the mall, that spans between the capitol building and the washington monument and you can see in the background all the way to the steps where martin luther king once said he had a dream. we'll be right back. quality and reliability...
1:17 pm
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1:18 pm
>> people it's an brown, the 9/12 tea parties are on, and
1:19 pm
other headlines, the president arrived in in minneapolis a short while ago for a rally on health care reform and in an interview to air tonight on "60 minutes" he says he'll take full responsibility for any problems with the health care overhaul, if it becomes law. and, family members of the yale university grad student who vanished days before she was to marry have cancelled her wedding tomorrow. yale is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to annie lee's whereabouts and new fallout from those stunning undercover videos taken at acorn offices and caroline shivley is live with the latest on that, any response yet from the white house? on the dropping of acorn from the census. >> reporter: no, so far in alerter last night the bureau director said account became a dis track from the bureau's mission and no longer had confidence in the group and the hidden camera video did it and shows a man and woman, posing as a pimp and prostitute at the baltimore office and on the tapes you can hear an acorn employee tell the alleged hooker
1:20 pm
to lie to the irs and say she worked as a performance artist and a woman with acorn gave guidance on how to claim under age prostitutes frommel salvadore as dependents and acorn says it fired the two employees on the tapes and some are now calling for a federal investigation. patti ann, back to you. >> thank you i'm patti ann browne and now back to the special two hour edition of glenn beck. >> no reaction yet, but, air force one has touched down, right? let's go to washington, d.c. and we're joined now, with our 9/12 volunteers, administrator, yvonne donnelly, hi. >> reporter: hi, glenn beck! >> how are you. >> reporter: gosh, a great day for america, i am -- i am one of the -- best things i heifer did in my life. >> you are somebody if i'm not mistaken, yvonne, have been a lifelong liberal in fact, you were a lefty for a while, until
1:21 pm
9/11, if i'm not mistaken and your husband -- >> that's right, glenn. >> and what happened, you said to your husband, what? on 9/11. >> well, on 9/11 i said, how could this happen? and he jumped off the couch, and he said, because of you, and i'll leave out a couple of words and your liberal friends! and i said you're right. and i have been wrong and i woke up. >> okay. and so this is for you, this is about principles, this is not about republican or democrat, what are you hearing and seeing that you can share with anybody who is not there? >> well, what i'm hearing and sharing is just that people were just owe motivated, motivated to come out here today, glenn, i am meeting people that came all by themselves. and i have talked to them and i'm, what were you thinking and they said they just had to be
1:22 pm
here. it's not about wanting, it is about having to be here and having to stand up for your country, and your freedom and the principles and the values, that we stand by as americans. >> yvonne, have you heard -- i know you have been there a couple of days and talking to people as they started to gather earlier. have you noticed at all, that there are people trying to use this for politics? to make this about republicans? is that embraced? is that happening? or is that rejected? >> no, i believe if i'm hearing you correctly, glenn that that is rejected. this is not about politics at all and that what is i'm hearing from everybody i talk to and when i say i talk to people i cannot begin to tell you, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. >> how did they find out about it, yvonne. >> it was really kind of amazing, because they did find about it from the 9/12 project i'm proud to say, and they just
1:23 pm
heard it on your show, they heard it on freedom works, and i don't know -- some people i really don't know how they found out but a lot of people i talked to, that i'm proud to say, they found out, on 9/, gosh! this is crazy! >> who is speaking now, yvonne, what is happening now? >> i don't know! i have no idea! i can hardly hear myself think, which is -- on some days is a good thing, but... listen to -- can you hear this? >> yes, we can. i see, i see a lot of -- i see a lot of signs, i saw one a minute ago, and i don't think anybody on television ever has seen a sign, somebody holds up a religious scripture and reads it. i wanted to read it thch sign said, ephesians, 6:12, and i looked it up before i went on the air and i think this says it best on what people are doing. for we wrestle not against flesh
1:24 pm
and blood, but against principality. against powers, against the rules of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness, in high places. i think that is... >> absolutely. >> i think that describes, at least what a lot of people i know are feeling now, yvonne, thank you very much. let me -- >> thank you -- >> can i pass along to you, that everybody here says thank you to you? >> you thank them back. it is kind of a -- >> i have been. >> an amazing team effort, here, of regular citizens, just spreading the word. i just threw it out and said we should get to know our neighbors and stand together and look what happened. >> look at what you did. a pleasure to be here. >> let's go back to patti ann browne, watching a couple of things for me, watching the twitter? watching the blog sites, what else are you -- 9/12 project, lots of different sites and you are getting lots of thank yous, and praise and lots of prayers
1:25 pm
and whatnot and also criticism and some -- i'll start with the more negative things, and on facebook i remember all of the flags and patriotic crap that hit the market within 24 hours of the attacks and i remember being terribly offended and disturbed by that and felt no more patriotic on the 12th and the 10th and i still don't. >> wow. holy cow, i actually think, that is hard to address. i will say this: i felt patriotic on 9/11 and 9/12. however, i remember having a big argument when i released the book, "real america" with my publish, simon and schuster and they came out, maybe, 2003, maybe, and i said i don't want the... it was my first book and they had -- i don't want the flags on it, because i felt the flag was being used politically, and so i think i can kind of understand and i'll be honest, can we show it in the background, in the
1:26 pm
background, what -- an honest moment of television. this thing, here, yeah, there. i hate that thing i think hate that and have asked from day one, can we not have that behind me because i don't like it. it is red, white and blue and stars and stripes and i don't want to have a viewer look and say, i'm trying to wrap myself in the flag. because the flag is supposed to mean more than just one opinion. so i understand that, but it is not the flag. it's this principles behind the flag. the people that made us able to hoist that flag and follow the banner of should have been liberty and freedom for all. >> patriotic crap, gotta love that, we were attacked as a direct result of our empire from the 912 project site, if we truly believed in freedom we'd understand the resentment that ac this installing our military in other countries to protect our corporate interests.
1:27 pm
>> by the way, a democratic strategist is with us and i'll go to you in a second and i wanted to recognize you. and you know, that one is, i am becoming more and more libertarian every day. i guess the scales are falling off of my eyes, as i'm doing more and more research into history and learning real history, and back in the turn of the century, 1900, with teddy roosevelt, a republican we started this we're going to tell the rest of the world and spread democracy and really became down in latin america, we really became brutish and got worse with the next progressives that came into office and teddy roosevelt and the next was a democratic progressive, woodrow wilson and we empire-built and the democrats felt we needed to empire-build with one giant global government, originally what was it called, league of nations, league of nations and then became the united nations and one world government and the republicans took it as, we're going to lead the world and we'll be the leader of it. i don't think we should be
1:28 pm
either of those. i think we need to million dollar our own business and protect our own people, and when somebody hits us, hit us hard and then, come home. pat. >> it is so interesting you say this, the founding fathers, when the country was built the first generation, what they -- look what they wrote about, they were not on a crusade to save the world with our military and people and they said we'll be the shining example, we will stand inspire people all around the world. that is what they put on the -- put on their symbol of the country to do, and what the beacon of freedom was to be, an idea. >> i joined my faith honestly because i watched people in it, nobody pushed me into it, nobody force meade into it. i watched them over years and years and years as i was struggling with things and would say they have struggled, the same kind of struggles and can deal with it and i wanted it to be like that, what our
1:29 pm
found,wanted for the country, not a forced, you are going to be this, but, just watch. watch what we can do. all right, ba in a second, a plan of action by the way, next hour. what you can do, next. because it is coming, gang! it's come and good things are coming. back in a second.
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
>> you know, i... a lot of
1:32 pm
people are going to painted me or the movement or whatever and i don't care any more, any way you wanted, it's important that americans come together and understand one thing. i don't care who you vote for. i really don't. you vote for republicans, vote for a democrat, i think quite frankly, you vote for either of them right now, and you still haven't gotten it. and, they are both taking us into a land of gigantic government where they control everything through corruption and everything else. but it doesn't matter who you look for and what you labeled yourself, the question is, who are americans? and what a mean by that, is, what do we stand for? do we rule or does the government rule, does the media make the decisions, do they reflect -- does the media reflect us? or does the media expect us to
1:33 pm
reflect them? that's where they -- really the basic question, that is in our culture right now. who are we? we're at a crossroads. we're going to change. and, sitting around and denying it or, worse, aring about stuff that really doesn't matter, in the grand scheme of things, is going to be a decision. those in power, both right and left, congressman mike pence and south carolina senator jim demint are both in washington, hello, gentlemen, how are you? >> hey, glenn, glad to be here. >> glad to be here. >> you guys are probably two of the politicians from either party, that one be tarred an feathered standing in the crowd. you guys have been standing up against corruption and big government in your party as well as the opposing party.
1:34 pm
can you tell me what it feels like to be a politician in washington today? >> well, glenn i'm a lot more comfortable in this crowd than i am in the one in the capitol in front of me today. and i really think that represents a broad cross-section of the american people, and they are speaking about the core values of freedom and the constitution, and this is a great day for what mike and i worked for, for many years. i feel -- >> i feel the same way and i have to tell you, jim and i were in tough battles with leaders of our own party back in 2003, when the bush administration and republican leaders were expanding entitlements in medicare, and jim demint and i were along the handful of conservatives that fought against that, and i gotta tell you, we were just talking, sometimes you wonder if folks back home knew how tough it was out here among our own and when i look at the crowd of hundreds of thousands it feels to me like
1:35 pm
the cavalry arrived. >> good, i think they have and now the question is, are the good guys going to be able to be separated from the bad guys inside? you know, i think one thing the media misses about sarah palin, all the time, is that one of the things i think people like about sarah palin is that she didn't go after the democrats first, she went after the republicans first. in her own state she clean out her own party and that is what people are looking for and i'll outline something next hour that i think will help reinforce the calvary for people in washington, d.c. that would like toee cavalry. and what will it take for people like you to -- and i know senator you and i talked yesterday, you felt a little like your fingers are in this dike because are busy trying to stop the flood from coming in. what will it take for you to be able to say, you know what? i gotta clean out the hornet's nest in my own party and make
1:36 pm
sure that my own party is -- and the democrats, what will it take to find a few good democrats to say, i'm going to clean out the rat's nest in my party? >> glenn, i wasn't waiting for this day, i know mike has for years. there are a lot of people in my party who think we are the problem. i think what we are finding out today, along with hundreds of thousands of people behind me, that we have got america behind us, and if the republican party will carry the banner for the people who are here today, i think the majority of americans will come with us and i just hope the rest of the republicans here in congress will be smart enough to see that. and let me say, glenn, i really do believe that in 2006 and 2008, republicans, didn't just lose our right to govern, we lost our way, i mean, we lost those elections because we walked away from the principles that had drawn hundreds of thousands of people in the
1:37 pm
nation's capitol, to the tea parties all across the country and town hall meetings and the good news for me, at least, i'll speak with the -- in the house of representatives, you look at the unanimous stand against the so-called stimulus bill. look at the stand against the president's run away budget, almost unanimous stand against cap-and-trade and i believe the unanimous stand against the government takeover of health care, republicans are getting it -- >> i -- >> and identifying deals expressed here. >> may i say to both of you and i'd love to hear your explanation. look, everyone on both sides of the aisle have gotten extraordinary amount of heat, from my program, in fact i don't have politician on my program, any more, because quite honestly, and you guys are two of the good one, i don't know who to believe anymore. and, this came from -- what it came from was the republican party, for me, at least, it came from, i didn't see a pivot
1:38 pm
point. i'm a recovering al hoic and i can -- alcoholic and i can tell you, the moment i said enough, i have to change my life or i will die and i have not seen that from the republican party. i don't think america has seen a moment where the -- where you knew they got it and so what the american people feel is, when they see you guys stand against the president on stimulus or against health care they don't believe that is a principle, they believe that is because that is what you have to do now. >> well, glenn, i think you are right. i don't think we have come to the point as a party, at least in our leadership on the senate side we are willing to admit that we have a problem, and as you know that is when the recovery begins. i think our party on the house side is starting to get their act together. we're beginning to see the light on the senate side. but i still can't tell you who you can trust but i can tell you who you can't trust. and i know the democrats -- democrat party now is solid,
1:39 pm
moving us in the wrong direction and have to get this republican side together so americans will have a place to come to. i really agree with -- >> i really agree with that. >> may i say i had a phone call yesterday, somebody walked into my office and said, glenn -- and i will not tell you who it was, so-and-so wants to talk to you and this is a -- if i'm not mistaken we looked at each other and thought this is going to be trouble because he's somebody well-known and, i believe he's a democrat. a well-known democrat and i thought it will not go well and picked it up and powerful, influential mover and shake are in america, and he picked up known -- i picked up the phone with him and he said, glenn, it's time to take a stand and he said, i think the people in the democratic party, there are a lot of them that are not with this hard left's progressive wing but are afraid to take a stand, and they'll be crushed by
1:40 pm
the machine. do you believe either one of you, that that is true? >> i really do, glenn. i will tell you, hundreds of people that filled the town hall meetings in my district, there are about as many democrats as there were republicans there and i venture, if fox news plunge in other crowd and did a survey, you would find republicans, independents and democrats -- >> what i mean -- >> an american movement that want us to practice what we preach in our constitution and traditions of fiscal responsibility, and personal responsibility. >> okay. i'd like to continue the conversation, and i don't know if we can have you back at any time today but i'd like to continue the conversation because i think you misunderstood what i was asking, are, are there good democrats inside and are there good republicans inside that are afraid of the machine more afraid of the machine than they are of the people? >> glenn, i think you are right. and, when we can make politicians more afraid of their voters, and the people behind
1:41 pm
me, than they are special interests, we can start to turn this place around. there are plenty of good democrats, but they are paralyzed right now. >> thank you very much, gentlemen, i appreciate it. >> thank you, glenn. >> the top of the hour i am going to show you how to take that machine down, i'll show you how to do it. we're all going to have to work together, republicans, democrats, and independents. now, to patti ann browne with a check of youres. >> news from now, russian media reporting the north is preparing for a third nuclear test, under orders from president kim jong-il. and no preliminary winner yet in afghanistan's presidential vote and officials released new results today, showing president hamid karzai with 54%, and challenger abdullah abdullah with 28%, and, new reports on the health of lockerbie bomber abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi. reuters is reporting doctors and his brother say his health has greatly deteriorated in the last day. and abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi was released from prison in scotland last month and allowed to return home to
1:42 pm
libya to spend his final days, glenn, back to you. >> okay. coming up what you can do to make a change. and checking in with illinois and the -- and texas and back to washington and pat cadell and talk about republicans, democrats and independents and how boy, the -- do parties matter anymore? this woman was limited by
1:43 pm
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is a cancer and i'll give nose in washington a chance to redeem themselves, even if you were part of the problem. we're going to start the first united states of america whistleblower program. and america, i'm going to ask you to join with your neighbors, doesn't matter what party they're in and explain how it will work, today i'm going give you a touch of it and actually
1:45 pm
it came -- the idea came from -- while i was reading thomas jefferson and i'll give you a piece of it today and monday lay the whole thing out and next, over the next few days, i really, truly believe, it is the answer. we can argue about health care and everything else, after we fix the corruption and now to quincy, illinois and andrew, from, andrew, how are things. >> glenn, things are great! the weather is great, and the people are the nicest people i ever met and it is freaking me out! >> you spend a lot of time in hollywood. >> you have no idea and i don't know how to behave around people who are nice! >> and, it is just -- if you are out on the left coast or here in new york, when you get into the real world you walk out and you are like, they are all too nice! >> i actually... i have to need how to behave. >> you are at a rally that starts later this afternoon. and the crowds are starting to
1:46 pm
gather there. and andrew, are you speaking today? >> indeed i am. i couldn't be happier. i have spoken at a few tea parties and in the l.a. area and -- >> no wonder... like over your house, your living room, the l.a. tea parties? >> every day is a tea party at my house! now, i wanted to come to the heartland of the country. i want to tell people out in los angeles, out in new york, that me blue state menality, pitting americans against americans, dividing it by race and religion and by ethnicity, it is ridiculous, and the media foments it and the left foe meant it, and to put it on, to put people in red states, somehow they are bad and racist, they are tea-baggers, it is
1:47 pm
starting to add up in these people's mind and wait a ii, i'm so nice, why are you attack me, this is one of the reasons why people are coming to the tea parties, wanting to show an expression of their decency and it's not a crazed group of people. there is a band behind me and people are hugging each other and wearing shirts with american flags and the only evil i can see are these lhasa apsos, wearing american flag t-shirt, don't dress dogs. >> people that don't dress -- don't dress dogs, don't let peta know, this is a good point, you have been in instrumental in helping -- the new web site,, you helped with getting video for me for the van jones thing and you were on that, right along with us. and, now, the acorn, leading the way on that. is the media complicit?
1:48 pm
i mean, have you ever seen this before? you are in the media, have you ever seen this before, to this degree? >> i actually am going to speak with an entomologist, people who are -- looking for a word to find something, harsher than complicit. i don't have words to describe what has transpired this week. the van jones story which is a pretty large story, durn get covered. tim the guy actually has to resign and the nea spokesperson has to step aside, because he's organizing propaganda art for obama and the acorn stuff happens on thursday and friday and the mainstream media is not only not there, they are actually going against the whistleblowers and trying to frame an argument, that makes it out, hannah and james, two american heros, who exposed corruption like upton sinclair did at the turn of the century.
1:49 pm
>> truly amazing, there is a protection of tougher and i have been saying for a while and i didn't know what it meant until the last few days, the paradigm is about to change. i feel it. do you? i think this is part of it. the paradigm is about to change. >> it is, glenn, it is. and i don't know what to say. you can feel it, here, it's not hay, it is trying to take back the decency that is the american people and to stop this... >> i'm sorry, we have a hard network break, thank you very much, back in a second. who need
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>> the media has so miss cast what is -- msiscast what is happening in america and all over the country, and it is not, it is americans getting together and look at the crowd. look at the crowd. in washington, d.c. it is -- thousands and thousands of people are standing together. hands off my kids' lib birth. i think that is what people feel. i know mainstream -- everybody will make fun of me, but i don't care. i have wept for my children's future, because i don't see how this lasts with the game we are playing and i for one am willing to do the tough things to make sure we have a future, i'm willing to be poor, whatever as long as my kids have lib better so they can actually make things happen. there is a whole selection of people here, we have griff down in the crowd, griff, how are
1:53 pm
you. >> glenn i can tell you, there is an energy out here. [cheers and applause]. >> the folks have come from long and far and they have a message, they want to send, don't turn on me, the most common one and what is your name, son. >> james fisher. >> james, cameras over here and -- you took a bus three days to get here from where. >> washington state. >> why? >> i felt it was important. >> and they are saying, na, na, hey, hey good-bye, are you guys saying good-bye to congress? what is your name, where do you come from. >> i'm carrie, traveled from miami and we have two small boys and want to protect their future and see our country get back to the constitution and i am a cochair of miami's project and we are -- really believe in everything that glenn beck is
1:54 pm
talking about, and we watch him every day and my 7-year-old knows, my -- >> you talking to glenn beck, what would you want to say into glenn, thank you so much, i thank god for you. >> glenn beck, you guys want to say something to glenn? [cheers and applause]. >> and best i can tell, glenn, you seem to have struck a nerve, with these people. >> thank you very much. >> and they are not angry. >> thanks, guys, thanks, griff. let me go back to pat here for a second. i'm a little overwhelmed, because, paetd you were with me the day i started and all you have to do is know that you are not alone and look at what people will do in this country. this is why i believe in america, it is the idea and people will do it and you don't have to pay people to do it, you don't have to have this bogus astroturf -- you just have a good idea. and people will do it. amazing. >> you know, the worst
1:55 pm
suppression of modern society is this sense that you are alone, that you are by yourself, and nobody knows how you feel and most people think the same thing and we are talking about this question about partisanship, and this is not democrats and republicans, the new paradigm is a political class of entrenched interests versus a mainstream country, regardless of the partisanship and yesterday, gallup came out with a poll, new poll, and it -- on the eve of this which is amazing showing that the confidence in the congress, and in politicians who run for office is this lowest in history. but, yet the highest trust is in the people themselves, they believe and the answer -- >> in the hands of government, that started with the bush administration. no. no. started, started -- >> ions ago. >> teddy roosevelt for the republicans, it started with big government people, that were progressive back then and, both parties are saying, trust us
1:56 pm
more, give us more, and people are saying, no, no, no, we trust us. >> the problem is, that what we have forgotten is that your alegionians to the country and your children -- allegiance to the country and your children's future, it's not to a political party and when you spoke about corruption this week it is -- i have been saying for years it is a poison that literally is a -- eviscerating the insides of america and taking away the idea of who we are and what we are about and what we can do. >>ee -- there is a sense today and i know, there are a lot of people, we're on the path to becoming a country like mexico. where the people are good but the government has been skrupt for so long because of special interests, and they -- >> and the power -- the exercise to oppress people from being able to get into the system. people have no idea. the machinery, the leviathan there to crush anybody who wants
1:57 pm
to come from the outside. >> sarah palin saw that. >> and you have seen it there and with other people and anybody who is a squeaky wheel will get -- be repesed. it's not individual and has to be a large effort to take back the country. >> coming up the top of the hour to cure the disease eating our country. coming up. don't miss it.
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